Continuous-Cone. A proposal by Maio for the nº1 magazine Aproximacions/Cons

The Continuous-Cone is a line drawn upon the city dividing it into two segregated parts. This perfectly straight line of cones is placed indifferently over streets, roofs or urban elements interrupting completely the traffic between the two parts of the city, so that from now on the city can only be crossed on foot or by subway.

The intervention proposes to introduce a temporary dysfunction in the regular traffic flows of the city and intends to modify radically the specific and standardized use of affected urban areas in order to highlight the possibilities that the everyday-life activities and repetition have progressively hidden. The Continuous-Cone aims to claim the generic versus the specific, the subjacent possibilities of the places versus the limited and restricted use to which we have got used to.

Technical specifications

Authors: MAIO (Maria Charneco, Alfredo Lérida, Guillermo López, Anna Puigjaner)

Date: january 2012